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  Most of us remember nothing from life as a toddler. Perhaps, life was so simple then that there was nothing worth to remember, for the sky was blue as it was, and the cries we made were merely for the sake of either hunger or attention. Some years later, we saw that sheep were actually floating on the sky, searching for their marshmallows in a deep blue sea, and at night, a bright cake smiling at us, with lots of twinkling candles accompanying. However, in later years, they told us about the laws of gravity, the formation of rain, the dissipation of light by the atmosphere as well as the phenomenon of light in heavenly bodies. Through their thorough explanation, we understood, and so do we comprehend the circumstances needed for fame, respect and wealth at the same time. They said we were matured, and now, we cried for things that were much more complicated: grades, money and rights. We saw the moon as the moon, and nothing but the moon. Subsequently, as we reached the working age, figures slowly became our reality, and an uncontained elation would emerge upon the slightest increase in our accounts. No longer we had the time, nor the ignorance to look at the sky; every second was to be taken seriously. Then suddenly, we saw our wrinkled faces and whitening hair in the mirror, and finally realised what we had done, or rather, the tons of things we forgot to do. Eventually, the sun would set, while some of us would see the gorgeous crimson of the sky again, others drowned in the fact that the light was merely focused on the fovea of their eyes.

(This site serves as a personal weekly diary to contain inspirations of my emotions. The two sections roughly classifies the type of emotions my inspirations come from.)

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What makes the stars beautiful, is the way they make you forget about the significance of figures.